Important Informtion for Special Needs Homeschooling



***Updated 6/30/2023

One of our children struggles with some permanent diagnosed special needs.  The kind that would certainly land her in a special ed class in a regular school.  The more I found out about all of her many struggles and hurdles that would need special curriculum, consistent repetition and more, to even begin to be able to learn and retain information, the more I felt compelled to continue to educate her myself.  I will be along side her for what she needs and will continue to be a source of support for her.  There is alot of tough love - I want her to succeed on her own and have the confidence and independence that comes along with that.  Helping her to set and achieve goals will help ensure an independent life.  

A few years later another one of our childen was diagnosed with ADD, Dyslexia and Time Blindness, not to mention his medical issues. However, we were told that he was "twice exceptional" due to his extreme ability in some areas and extreme weakness in others.  Another learning curve for me and hurdles to jump, as we challenge him in his gifted areas and grow him in his weak areas.  However, with tools and patience we are making progress.  

Well in all of this, I was recognizing the difficulty in finding quality curriculum that I could use for them - mainly for life skill, math purposes, audio solutions for text books, time management, etc.  Can I tell you that I cried tears of joy when I found two sites that had some excellent things to help us.

This is not a "plug" for this company - I do not have an affiliate link for this company - I truly do hope this reaches someone that will find it as helpful as I have.  The name of the company is Attainment Company.  They have a wide range of curriculum for varying needs and abilities.  I would urge you to spend some time looking over this site if this is something you feel you may need.

Be sure to also check out Homeschool Resources Bundle Sale for specific items to help you and your child.  Available for a limited time only.

Additionally, Learning Ally is an organization that has thousands of books on audio for students with diagnosed learning issues that impact their reading ability.  They even have text books and will take requests.  Sometimes it takes a while to get a request to show up on their site because they have volunteers that are doing the reading and recording.  These are not "audio books", it isn't entertainment as you would experience with a typical audio - it is simply someone reading the material.  You also have the ability to speed up and slow down the reading.

**Update** I cannot suggest to you enough these three things - 

1. Use your resources - this may mean utilizing the local public school system or county services.  

2. Get an official diagnosis - some things can only be diagnosed for future benefits before the age of 18.  If you wait until after that time - your adult child may be inelligible for state and county benefits that he/she would be able to have, even after you are gone. This may be state by state - but I know this is an issue for autism in Oregon.

****Update - If you are in Oregon - set up an Able account for your child!!

3. You know your child better than anyone - you are their advocate, if your child has executive functioning issues you also act as their frontal lobe for them often - do what is best for them, engage them in what interests them, seek out curriculum that works for them.



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