Blog posts of '2020' 'April'

Starting Homeschool - High School

Homeschooling High School was my favorite time.  I love how my kids all got interested in different things.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching co-op classes and hosting events.  I value the time with my teens and their friends.

Below are links for the curriculum we used.  Keep in mind that homeschooling high school can look very different from what you have been doing - you can include text books, online classes - both for college credit and other, dual enrollment at the local community college, co-op classes, part time at your local high school - and so much more.  

I now have one teen graduated, three teens enrolled in dual enrollment and one teen who has a certificate of completion (due to learning and other disabilities)

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Starting Homeschool - Junior High

The middle school years are a tough transition for all.  It is also an amazing time of discovery and independence.  Below are links of curriculum that did or didn't work for us.



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Starting Homeschool - Elementary Years

Homeschooling the elementary years can be a struggle.  The need to supplement certain subjects, find motivation to push through others and make room for fun and memory making are all important things to consider - but don't let it overwhelm you.  Engage your kids in helping you choose things.  Often student led learning is the most rewarding.

Below are links to curriculums we used during those years.


Below are things you might find helpful as well

Homeschool Elementary Workbooks

Homeschool Elementary School Supplies

Homeschool Elementary Manipulatives for Math and other things

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Starting Homeschool - 1st Grade

Here is a link to the different things we used for our 1st graders.  Below are links to resources and things you might like to try.

The funny thing, as I read through past posts of curriculum we used - I see that I had a really hard time using unit studies - but a few more years down the road and I ended up writing and publishing several!  We bend and move to what works best for us each year.

1st Grade Arts and Crafts

1st Grade Homeschool

1st Grade Supplies

1st Grade Games and Activities

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Starting Homeschool - Kindergarten

Starting to homeschool can be overwhelming.  You don't want to do the wrong thing.  You might feel all this pressure on you that their education is all up to you.  While it is easy to see why you would feel that way - the early years are for developing a love of learning more than learning academics.

Here are links to what we used in kindergarten for our kids.  Below are items you may find helpful.

Learning Games and Activities - there are a few for preschool in here too.

Kindergarten Homeschool - great resources here

Kindergarten Workbooks and Learning

Kindergarten supplies


Kindergarten arts and crafts

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Starting Homeschool - Preschool

I know many of you have been thrown into homeschooling.  Some of you may have been considering it already, while others of you never gave it a thought.

This doesn't have to be painful.  The early years, although challenging at times on their own, can be a wonderful time to bond through play and learning.  

Below are some of the things you might use.  Here is a blog post of the curriculum we used during the early years.  

Workbooks, Crafts, Scissor skills, and mores.

Chore Charts, Manipulatives and other supplies.

Preschool Arts and Crafts 

Preschool Learning Games and Activities

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