Whether your child is learning basic counting or complex equations - math can be a struggle for some.  Finding the best math curriculum for your child can be challenging.  At some point you may come to the conclusion that some of your children may need a different math program from the other kids.  Although this may cause you some anxiety, working with multiple math programs, don't let it.  You will soon find that having the best curriculum for each child actually eases the learning process and brings more peace than stress.  See the curriculum below for some of the best options.  Click on any of the curriculum titles to learn more.





Math U See

Math U See - This is a favorite among many for hands on math.  A unique way to visualize math.  This is a math that parents either love it or don't.  Often it is a program that works exceptionally well for one child - and not necessarily so for another.  This curriculum approaches math in an order and flow that is non traditional - but very effective.  Videos, manipulatives and book work make this an excellent hands on choice.  Available in levels elementary through calculus. 


Life of Fred

Life of Fred - This is a unique "out of the box" way of doing math.  I really like it's practical approach and the non traditional thinking style it requires.  Although some would say this is all the math a child needs, we like to use it as a supplemental or additional math - just for the unique thinking style.  This curriculum focuses on mastery.  Available in levels elementary through university level.


 Horizons Math

Horizons Math - This series uses the spiraling approach, allowing students to work on several concepts at once, with consistent review. This was the first math curriculum we used.  It worked well for us.  It is colorful, clear and not overwhelming.  Available in elementary levels only.



Chalkdust Math - This is probably my favorite program.  Dana Mosely does all the teaching for you and he is FANTASTIC at it!! Serioulsy - I wish I had him as a teacher when I was younger.  All of the lessons are on DVD.  There is a textbook that is nonconsumable - the child will need to write the problems down on paper and work them.  The only thing you need to do is grade the work against the answer key. This is a high level math program that is very easy to understand.  I strongly recommend it for your "mathy" and college bound students. Levels available include very basics for kids 1st-4th all the way through college level math and SAT Prep.

 Key To Math

Key To Math - This is an excellent resource.  Great as a supplement, added practice in a certain area or work over the summer months.  I have used this series with all of my kids.  Very straightforward, short, simple.  Consumable workbooks suggested for 5th grade and up.


 CLE Math

Christian Light Education - This is an excellent option.  Each level consists of 10 workbooks, a teacher guide and answer key.  I appreciate the review offered in these workbooks. This is a curriculum we used with a few of our children.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math - You either love it or you don't.  This is an excellent and complete math program.  This program works especially well when used with the instructional DIVE CDs. If you have a child that tends to get distracted by colorful images and really just wants to get math finished - this may be right for you.  Levels range from elementary through high school.

Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks - This is a parent friendly program - independent learning with self grading.  Kids like the colorful cartoon characters and the interactive computer program.  Some will argue that this is not a very robust math program. However, I know teens that used this as their math program and are doing very well in college now.  My opinion is that if you want to leave the grading to someone else, want your child to enjoy their math and/or your child is not a "mathy" kid.  Then this may be an excellent choice for you. Available in levels elementary through Pre-Calc.


CTC Math

CTC Math - This is a program that I really wish I had found years ago.  Unfortunately - my kids are now too old for it.  This is an impressive online math curriculum that really reaches kids.  You may use it as a supplement or your main math curriculum.  With deep discounts for homeschooling families - you can't go wrong.  Available in levels 1st-8th grade.