Our Curriculum 2016-2017

This has been a great year.  The kids are getting older and starting to really dive into their own interests. The following is what we did - click on the words in Bold for more information.


Bible - Positive Action for Christ - Behold Our God for my oldest and Wise Up for the other four.

History - Notgrass - Our oldest did American History and the other four did America the Beautiful.

Philosphy - Compass Classroom - Philosophers and 7 Sisters Philosophy in 4 Questions - our oldest

Governement - Notgrass with Apologia's Constitutional Literacy for our oldest

ASL - This was done at our co-op for two of our kids.

Science - All of our kids are doing Apologia except one who is doing Awesome Science through Masterbooks.

Health - Two of our kids are doing Total Health - Talking about Life's Changes

Literature - Our oldest belongs to a literature group, does some extra literature that I want her to do and does The Art of Poetry through our co-op.

Writing - Our oldest does a writing class with other homeschoolers and recently joined a writers workshop club. Our other kids are doing Wordsmith.

Spelling/Vocab/Grammar - Our younger four are continuing with Building Spelling Skills, Wordly Wise and Growing with Grammar.  Our oldest also does Life of Fred Language Arts for High School.

Life Skills - One of our children are continuing with life skills from Attainment Company.

Math - All of our kids used various levels of Teaching Textbooks, one used Life of Fred in addition and another child used Key to in addition.

Latin - Compass Classroom Word Up and Visual Latin and English from the Roots up.

Geography - The younger four did Legends and Leagues - a really fun set (the answer keys are occasionally incorrect - but still very worth it).  One of them is also doing Memoria Press States and Capitals.