Our Curriculum 2013-2014

This was our first year getting settled back into our Oregon groove.  The following is what we did - click on the words in Bold for more information.


Bible - We really do love the Apologia What We Believe Series - So we continued with it and did the second book - Who Am I.

Language Arts - Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting, Building Spelling Skills, Wordly Wise, the younger four did BJU English.  Maddy did BJU Literature.

Math - We continued to do Life of Fred.  Maddy did Saxon and the other four did CLE Math.

Science - Maddy did Apologia General Science and the other four did Answers in Genesis - God's Design for Science - Physical World
History - We did Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations and the Bible

We also tried a co-op and did various local sports and two kids did have some classes at a homeschool art school.