Our Curriculum 2012-2013

This is the year we moved back to Oregon - We didn't do quite as much as we made preparation for the cross country journey.   The following is what we did - click on the words in Bold for more information.

Bible - Apologia's What We Believe Series - Who is God?  - This has been the best Bible/Worldview curriculum we have found thus far.  Not only are my kids really learning so much about God, themselves and how they fit into this world - but I am relearning things too.  I honestly love this series.

Language Arts - We continued with Getty-Dubay Italic for all the kids.  
We tried Sequential Spelling, as I was told it would help kids with dyslexia.  It didn't work for us.  I am reminded of the old saying "if it's not broke, don't fix it".  We will be returning to Building Spelling Skills next  year.
We continued with each child's appropriate level of Worldly Wise for the three younger kids.
We tried Vocabulary in Action for the older two.  We liked it.  It was a nice change - not sure if we will stick with it or not.
All the kids did their appropriate level of Easy Grammar.

Math - Teaching Textbooks for my oldest.
LifePac for the other four.
Key to series of measurements, fractions, decimals, percents for everyone.
Life of Fred

Science - Apologia - We finished the last two in the Zoology series and added in Nancy Larson.

History - We tried the beautiful and very alluring Paths of Exploration - Did not work for us.  We dumped it six weeks in and filled in with something I had been wanting to do.  We did a semester of Journey Into Africa and a semester of Ancient China: To the Great Wall and Beyond.