Mom - Take Care of You - So True!

If you have ever flown, you have heard the flight attendant say "place your own mask on before helping those around you".  The idea is that you can't help anyone else if you become unconscious.  The same is true in other parts of life.  If you don't take care of yourself, you may be less effective at taking care of others.  Ask yourself the following questions - 

1. Do I eat three regular meals or 4-6 small meals throughout the day?

2. Does what I eat include all the food groups, or a source of protein if a vegetarian?

3. How much sleep do I get on a regular basis - is it enough?  Check here for how many hours of sleep you should be getting.

4. Do I have quiet time for myself each day?

5. Do I have time with at least one friend at least once a week - either on the phone or in person?

6. Do I have time with my spouse at least once a week to just talk or be together without interuption?

7. Do I have quality family time aside from meals a few times a month?

8. Do I get outdoors at least twice a week without a motorized vehicle?

9. Do I do something active at least twice a week for 20+ min?

10. Do I have a hobby?

This is a great list to take a personal inventory list with.  Some of you might be saying - Seriously?  If I do all of these things then who is going to cook, clean, teach, grade, plan, etc.  I get it, truly I do.  However, believe me when I say there are seasons for everything.  Don't feel pressured to put all of these things into place.  Instead, take notice, ask yourself if there is one of these items that you can put into place that would give you a bit of peace or joy.


You are the mom, you are the rudder that steers your ship in terms of mood and atmosphere.  If you are exhausted or frustrated or harboring anything - it is felt - even if you conceal it as well as possible.  Taking back time for you will help you to regain that peace.


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