Making Homeschooling Affordable - How I Do It

stack of books

The cost of homeschooling can be high - classes, books, manipulatives, field trips, dvd's etc.  Now consider multiple children, special needs, sports activities and it can be very stressful.  Our family went from five of us to seven of us during the same year as the economic downturn in 2008.  We decided that I should homeschool - it would be the best thing for all of us - especially for the children that recently joined our family.  The following year, we lost our business and our home.  I questioned going back to work. Instead, I found a way to pay for homeschooling without touching our bank account.  My husband was able to support us and I was able to teach the kids the way we wanted to.

This post is strictly about making homeschooling affordable.  See my other post (coming soon) on "Getting Organized" for how I save money on groceries.

Here is how I make homeschooling affordable - 

  • I make a list of what I need vs what I want.  
  • I rarely buy anything new.  I always shop ebay, the scratch and dent and clearance sections of various curriculum sites, and local curriculum sales.  I also use a variety of online sites with discounted book - I have posted links below.
  • If I do buy something new - I will make sure it is something that I intend to use with other kids down the road, make sure it has a good resale value or purchase it digitally.  Digital curriculum is fantastic as you can get it, often for a fraction of the price. Print what you like or use an edcuation discount to have it printed and bound - if you really need to.  It also saves room - My shelved are full, my cabinets are full, and my bins are full - I don't have room for more books.
  • I always resell what I no longer need.  I first sell on FB pages - no fees, then ebay - then local book stores and curriculum sales.  What I can't sell - I donate.
  • I always use the library - if you haven't check into inter-library loans - do so - you can find amazing things!
  • I enter giveaways - but not alot. 
  • I follow blogs - often times there will be coupons and discount codes mentioned
  • I sign up for limited newsletters.  Most newsletters will have a discount or coupon code, as well as great information.
  • I watch for sales that I know are good and only happen once or twice a year.

List of sites for good used book prices - 

  • Exodus Books
  • I Do Books
  • Abe Books - If you have an ebates account you can get a rebate right into your PayPal account or a check sent to you for clicking through ebates first.  If you don't have an account you can sign up HERE - it saves me a few hundred dollars each Christmas alone. 
  • ebay

Sales to wach for - 

Hip Homeschool Moms usually has a Teacher Appreciation Giveaway every year - in April or early May.  Often contributors will offer a discount once the giveaway is over - so everyone is a winner. 

Homeschool Resources Bundle Sale - A very wide variety of curriculum and courses for every age group and teaching style.  There are things for mom too!  Available only for a limited time.



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