Great Options for Co-op Classes for any Homeschooling Family

There are so many different kinds of co-ops around and they can be wonderful!  They typically offer an opportunity for socialization - not just for the kids - but for the moms too (which I truly cherished when we were at a co-op).  It also offers an opportunity for kids to take classes that they wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity.  Maybe you are not a crafty mom or can't stand the thought of glitter in your house - that NEVER comes out of the carpet, or maybe your are not a STEM mom.  Maybe you would like some support with science experiments or just really want your kids to be able to dabble in and be exposed to new and different things without committing months of time and lots of money.  During my time as a class coordinator at our co-op, I spent hours upon hours researching curriculum  - I LOVED finding new and exciting things for our families.  From learning about the orchestra, to making armour out of duct tape to making wearable butterfly wings out of felt or even survival skills - these are just some examples of some favorite classes we had at our co-op.  Overall, there was one point for two years that we had 42 classes happen each semester - lots of fun things happening!


Preschool - Outdoor learning, ABC's, Numbers, Spanish, Esther Activity Book and much more

Kindergarten - Reading, Math, Bible Verse Chart, Fables and Tales, Activities, Charlotte Mason

Some Great picks for Elementary age include - Chicago Fire Unit Study, Science of the Seasons, Slime Science, Airplane Design, Research Guide to the Solar System, Choreograph a Robot Dance, Anatomy Muscular System, Pioneer Study, African Kingdoms, Jane Goodall Biography, American Girl War of 1812Country Research, Northern Europe, Famous Inventors, Little House, Snow Goose, God's Girls, Real Men, Bible Trivia, Fruit of the Spirit, Women Composers, Writing Through Early Modern History, Early Christian Art,  American Girl Josefina, Mary Poppins and SO MUCH MORE

Some Great picks for older students - History through Musicals, Early Christian Art, How to Build a Birdhouse, Americana Newspaper Reporting, Calligraphy, Budgeting for kids, Ebay Reselling Mini Course, How to Write the perfect 5 paragraph essay, A Walk Through WWI, Progeny Press guides and So Much More


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