Digital Curriculum - What are the Benefits?

When I was younger I enjoyed the feeling of a book in my hands.  Now that I am older, I stuggle to find time to read.  Most of my reading is all about homeschool and curriculum research.  The research turns into purchases.  With five kids, that turns into ALOT of books! We have made pretty good use of our space - but even still - I have come to appreciate the value of digital curriculum.

Digital Curriculum is less costly by far.  I only print what I need to.  If I really need to print the entire thing - I go to Kinkos or something equivalent and have it printed and bound.  This is still usually far less money than an original printed book.

Space is always an issue for homeschoolers.  The space while you are actively using the product - but also the space to store the product while you hang on to it, waiting for other children to use it in the years to come.  I don't have room for that.

You can always take it with you.  Planning an extended vacation, traveling around the country for school, are you a military family? You don't need to pack your books- just bring your ipad or laptop - everything is there for you.

With publishers and authors recognizing the movement toward digital curriculum, more and more quality products are becoming available.

I encourage you to take inventory of what you might be needing for homeschool next year, and see if you could save space and money with digital curriculum.

The Homeschool Resources Bundle Sale sale is, perhaps, the largest annual digital curriculum sale.  It is only here for a short time.




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